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Chances are that more people will see your website than will ever see the inside of your business. As the face of your company, your website design must match your physical presence and business personality. We design great-looking websites, and we don't separate web design from SEO and lead generation. As a sales and conversion-focused agency, we develop your website to be a 24/7 online salesperson always connecting with your ideal clients.


Content is What Counts Most

Our website development process places an emphasis on content creation. The mind is designed to remember stories, so we make sure that your key pages tell your story and connect to your clients' needs.  Your important website pages will be designed as a funnel towards conversion, and include your seo keywords. Primary and secondary messaging are tailored to connect to your ideal client. Pain points and solutions, easy to digest content sections, FAQ's, additional media, and various calls to action are all elements in our funnel page structure.

Our Website Development Process

We follow a proven process of website creation that focuses first on your customer, your message, and your goals. You'll walk through these five steps with us to create your new online presence. Even if you've been in business a while, it's a great exercise to re-evaluate the value that you bring to you customer, and who that ideal customer is. And at the end of the process you'll have a brand new website!



We begin with a series of short conversations about your business. These will generally take place over a series phone calls. We'll develop a profile of your customer, get to know your story, discuss your marketing goals, and explore your ideas for the creative direction of your new website. At the end of this process, we'll deliver a discovery document of your business, as well as a mood board of design ideas.



With a mood board in place, the site design will come later – the more important step is to get started on the content. We have writers to help with this task, or you can do it in-house. Many clients prefer a combination of the two. Headlines, subheadlines, SEO keywords, primary and secondary messaging, special content features, CTAs, and on-page elements that will target Google searchers are just some of what we plan at this stage.



We now work with you on design. Using the mood board as a guide, we'll create mockups of key pages, key functions, and other design features of the site. The stage also includes image selection.

At the end of this phase, you'll sign off on your new website design.



It’s time for the buildout of your new responsive website. Development will include SEO architecture, Google Schema and other enhanced SEO elements. All sections, pages, and functionalities will be developed and tested.  Cross browser and cross devices tests will be completed before your final walk-through.



Testing is done before and after the launch, and your website is now live. You'll have a 30-day warranty against any functionality errors. Now the fun begins – marketing your new site.


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Our Web Technology Platforms

We develop on a number of different platforms, and we'll recommend the best platform for your needs.

Some of our more basic sites use an award winning Amazon hosted drag and drop platform, featuring very robust, yet easy-to-use features. These sites are easy to self-manage, and have extensive business-friendly marketing features. You can view the features here.

WordPress and Shopify are two other platforms of choice. The robust capabilities of WordPress, and the easy-to-use shopping carts of Shopify make these platforms a good option for some of our clients.

We also develop sites on a "future-proof" Amazon-hosted, headless CRM full-stack platform, which is fully extensible - meaning you can connect it to almost anything. Think Internet of Things (IOT), voice search, navigation systems. These sites are “future-proof” and are better able to adapt to where the internet is headed in the future. Hosted on load balancing servers, these sites use Content Delivery Networks and plenty of other really cool techy stuff. We can build very complex sites, including two way marketplaces, on this platform.

Our range of website platforms offers something for everyone!

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