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Who Enjoys Updating Websites? We Do!

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Keep your website fast, secure and up-to-date.

Today’s web savvy consumers quickly assess the credibility of your business based on your website. Don’t lose potential customers because your website is broken, slow, unappealing, or contains old information.

Website care packages include back of the website (server-side management) as well as wide-ranging front-end customer facing updates, such as monthly specials, blog posts, and the look of your site on the latest mobile devices.


How often should a website be udpated?

You may have heard that Google rewards active websites with higher rankings. It’s true - Google want to serve up the best results possible. This means websites that are regularly updated with useful content are given higher search results. Our Website Care Packages are designed for the size and needs of your company. We’ll take care of the website, and you can focus on your business.


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