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Search marketing allows your brand to make an appearance at the exact moment when someone is actively searching for a product or service you offer. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of so many business’s digital marketing mix. Grow your website traffic, leads, and sales in the most efficient way possible.

National or Worldwide SEO

Our search optimization processes and techniques are tried and tested, and for most clients is the most effective way of achieving marketing  results. We establish clear and measurable objectives from the outset and never exaggerate what can be achieved. Our plan will be a set of realistic and achievable options based on your budget. Our monthly reports are accompanied by a written interpretation of the data, making it easy to understand progress.

We don't separate our search services from the rest of your online efforts – good website design and usability, pages that convert, coordinated marketing efforts and good site upkeep are all connected to getting good results from your search traffic. We'll make sure your search strategy is integrated with the rest of your efforts, and you get the best value for your money.

SEO for Local Business

Local SEO has become more important than traditional SEO for most local brick and mortar businesses. With advances in technology, Google now knows where searcher is physically located. Their algorithm determines which searchers are demonstrating “transactional intent” - that the searcher is likely looking to make a purchase. Combine this information with Google Map integration, and Local SEO was born.

Reputation and review management are also important elements of local seo, not only in how Goolge ranks your business, but of how your business is perceived by the community. Postive reviews in Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites can be very effective "word of mouth". We offer software and services to help you better fully manage or partially manage these very important and visible web properties.


One option was to name your business "AAA Aardvark {business service}" so you would come up first in the yellow pages - and they did! Or you'd "spray-and-pray" - advertise your business anywhere and everywhere and pray that it would pay off.

If you were trying to reach a larger audience, you really didn't have many options other than to get lucky, or spend a ton of money.

Search engines leveled the playing field in the favor of small and medium businesses. It was suddenly possible to serve up your brand to a client right at the moment of purchase decision. Talk about a game changer.

It can range from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand. There is no “one size fits all” SEO package. It all depends on how how competitive the market is for your keywords, and how aggressive you want to be. Everything we do is customized based on the client’s goals, current positioning, keyword difficulty, and resources.

Surprisingly fast these days! Google now crawls and indexes sites incredibly fast, so changes made in your program can effect your site in days and weeks rather than months.

We usually like to include site updates along with our search packages. When we make updates on your site, they are always done with search intent. It's most likely easier for us to update your site anyway, and we can build in some optimization with every update.

A full-service, aggressive search package might include include content creation and content marketing, link building and other services.

Reports that show your results versus your competitors are provided monthly. Our clients also get our Google Data Studio dashboard all-in-one reports, which aggregate on the most important data and metrics from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other sources, all in one live dashboard report (We were tired of getting ten different reports a month so we built our own).

Yes, absolutely. If you have some in-house talent, we'll map out the responsibilities and coordinate the efforts.

Traditional SEO are search optimization efforts that don't necessarily care where the searcher is located. The search phrase might be "online gardening classes" or "restaurants in Lincoln Park Chicago". In this example, it doesn't matter if the searcher is located in Chicago or Minneapolis - they will get the desired results regardless of their location.

Local SEO is a somewhat newer development, and is more important for most brick and mortar local businesses. Google basically knows the location of the searcher - whether they are on a PC or mobile device. The searcher might type in "gardening classes" or "restaurants near me", and will be presented with local results.  If google senses "transactional intent", ie. "the searcher is looking to make a purchase", it will display a map of the area with the three top results shown on the map.

Local SEO factors include review sites (Google Reviews, Yelp, etc), proximity of the search, your stated market area, reputation management, local directory listings and other indicators that tell Google that your business deserves to be listed at the top of a local search.


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Elements of our SEO Process

- 01

Competitor Reverse Engineering

Detailed reports of your online competition, including how your program stacks up, will help guide our strategy. We'll learn how to better your top online competitors.

- 02

Strategy and Keyword Targeting

Which keyword phrases have the most value for your business, and how do we get to the top of Google, the then convert those visitors?

- 03

SEO Website Architecture

In addition to on-page coding, page structure and content, there are many other site architecture techniques that will help get your site to the top.

- 04

Industry and Local Authority

Google's algorithm emulates social structures in many ways. "Authority" means your site has popular and important friends (other sites).

- 05

Content Creation and Marketing

Good content is the best way to gain authority - publishing that content and "marketing" it properly gets your site noticed by real people and Google.

- 06

Backlinking Campaigns

You may have heard that having other sites connect to yours' is a good thing. It's a good thing only if high quality sites link back to yours. 

- 07

Google Data Studio All-in-One Dashboard Reports

Our Google Data Studio Dashboard Reports aggregate your marketing data from around a dozen sources, are easy on the eyes, and pack a lot of information about how visitors are finding your site, and how your site is performing. Actionable data only, no fluff.

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