Pinnacle Mergers: A Quick Rise to Page 1 is a website that competes with many search engine optimized websites – large, established sites with lots of content. Historically a “word-of-mouth” type of industry, over the years the websites representing this industry continually got more competitive. We needed to get a new look for that properly presented Pinnacle, and we wanted to get the company to the top of Google, which would result in high-quality leads.

The new website we built more accurately portrays the level of Pinnacle’s business – a top broker of high-end dealership transactions. The content is professional, clearly written, and purposefully to the point, which was another reflection of the manner of the company philosophy business – the team didn’t want extra pages and “filler content” just to make the site larger.

Improved search engine results was a main goal of the new site, which now ranks on Page 1 for all of the industry’s very competitive terms.

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