Greenwich Medical Spa: A Feature-Rich Website for a Feature-Rich Medical Spa

The Greenwich Medical Spa is a top medical spa with three locations in a highly competitive Connecticut market. As a medical spa, the quality of the company’s website is closely tied to the perception of the services – so everything needs to be top notch and employ the latest technologies, just like Greenwich Medical Spa does.

A superior level of website design immediately establishes Greenwich Medical Spa as a high-end, professional destination. There are many moving parts on this website, so to best manage it we built custom functions that make it easy to update while adhering to brand standards.

Monthly Promotions: Some special marketing features of the site include monthly promotions that automatically populate on the specials page and also places the same special on the service page – ie. The BOTOX special will be on the specials page as well as the BOTOX page. However, the special on the BOTOX page can be customized into a call to action, while the complete details of the promotion will stay on the specials page. When these specials expire, they are automatically removed from the website – so there’s no chance the Valentine’s Day special will still be up in July. This is a beneficial nice feature for any business that otherwise might have forgotten to remove the monthly special.

Top Search Engine Results: This site ranks on page 1 and in most cases position #1 for the majority of the key phrases for all three locations. Links are spread through this site with precisely defined search intent, which reflects in the extremely high rankings. The site also boasts many Google knowledge panel results, which are awarded to the “top authority” website for the particular search result.

Some other features on this feature-rich site include:

  • Career Center: which helps manage part of the PR process of hiring new employees.
  • Before/After Galleries: which populate the galleries on the gallery page and on the service page.
  • Press and Awards Management
  • Promotional Marketing Pop-ups on Paid Ad Landing Pages
  • Event and RSVP management
  • Multi-location workflows
  • Gift Certificates
  • Shopify Shopping Cart
  • Curated and Original Blog Content

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