Greenwich Medical Spa: A Feature-Rich Website for a Feature-Rich Medical Spa

The Greenwich Medical Spa is a top medical spa with three locations in a highly competitive Connecticut market. As a medical spa, the quality of the company’s website is closely tied to the perception of the services – so everything needs to be top notch and employ the latest technologies, just like Greenwich Medical Spa does.

A superior level of website design immediately establishes Greenwich Medical Spa as a high-end, professional destination. There are many moving parts on this website, so to best manage it we built custom functions that make it easy to update while adhering to brand standards.

Monthly Promotions: Some special marketing features of the site include monthly promotions that automatically populate on the specials page and also places the same special on the service page – ie. The BOTOX special will be on the specials page as well as the BOTOX page. However, the special on the BOTOX page can be customized into a call to action, while the complete details of the promotion will stay on the specials page. When these specials expire, they are automatically removed from the website – so there’s no chance the Valentine’s Day special will still be up in July. This is a beneficial nice feature for any business that otherwise might have forgotten to remove the monthly special.

Top Search Engine Results: This site ranks on page 1 and in most cases position #1 for the majority of the key phrases for all three locations. Links are spread through this site with precisely defined search intent, which reflects in the extremely high rankings. The site also boasts many Google knowledge panel results, which are awarded to the “top authority” website for the particular search result.

Some other features on this feature-rich site include:

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Axxis: Creating an Extraordinary LIVE Website

Creating an Extraordinary LIVE Website

Axxis is an event production company that does everything A-Z in producing extraordinary live events. Even so, the company was the proverbial shoemaker’s son – mak incredible events for clients, but never leveraging that same creativity into its website. As a high-tech event promotions company, Axxis knew that the first value judgement from potential clients would be based on its website presentation.

The team asked us to create a website that included all Axxis’ technical pinnings with something particularly exciting for the home page that would tell the story about all the different events the company is capable of producing – everything from meetings to live concerts. We created a compilation video showing the behind the scenes groundwork in black and white. The video then explodes into color as the live event comes to life. Rotating copy on the home page spins through the many types of events Axxis has produced, while three buttons centered over the video direct the user to each of the company’s three main segments.

To build social proof, we included extensive case studies and event galleries. We built a custom app that allows non-technical personnel to upload, optimize and sort these galleries. The overall perception of what the company can do is now promoted accurately on its website and has paid big dividends in lead generation and client sales.

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Pinnacle Mergers: A Quick Rise to Page 1 is a website that competes with many search engine optimized websites – large, established sites with lots of content. Historically a “word-of-mouth” type of industry, over the years the websites representing this industry continually got more competitive. We needed to get a new look for that properly presented Pinnacle, and we wanted to get the company to the top of Google, which would result in high-quality leads.

The new website we built more accurately portrays the level of Pinnacle’s business – a top broker of high-end dealership transactions. The content is professional, clearly written, and purposefully to the point, which was another reflection of the manner of the company philosophy business – the team didn’t want extra pages and “filler content” just to make the site larger.

Improved search engine results was a main goal of the new site, which now ranks on Page 1 for all of the industry’s very competitive terms.

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Park Tavern/Piedmont Room: A Web of Activity

The Park Tavern is a top destination restaurant, bar, brew pup and event venue located in Atlanta’s famous Piedmont Park. The venue’s website is the center of a hub of activity – multiple events per week, ticket sales, concerts, restaurant reservations, a skating rink – you name it, there’s something for everyone.

The Park Tavern website needs to enable all of this activity, without the need for a programmer. We accomplished this by creating specialized website apps for all the company’s most common functions. A custom event management app lets Park Tavern personnel enter events, sort by priority, sell tickets, and feature special events on the home page. Additionally, the app writes Google event schema so that the events get crawled and featured in Google snippets. About a dozen other custom functions keep this website performing at top levels, just as well as the many bands that come through.

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Stampics: Digital Sales Tactics Turn a Home Business into National Contender

Stamps Rubber Stamps provides unique and fun rubber stamps made directly from photos. It’s a cool idea, but it’s a term that not too many people search, since people don’t know the product exists. This means Stampics had to compete against the mature and competitive “traditional” rubber stamp industry.

To meet the company’s goals, we created a dynamic brand for the website and social media program, which depicts the stamp impressions interacting with cartoon characters. Once we had more than 1,000 followers, critical mass, on Facebook, we created multiple sales channels – Amazon, Etsy and Facebook shops. We also helped to automate the orders coming in and shipping going out.

The search engine targets are a combination of general terms ie. “Custom Rubber Stamps” (very competitive) and more niche terms such as “dog rubber stamps” “face stamps”, “wedding rubber stamps”. The results so far? More than20 Page 1 results and making a serious move to Google Page 1 on many of the more heavily searched general terms. We’ll keep going until Stampics is #1 in the rubber stamp world!

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