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Live Page Cafe is a full-service boutique digital marketing agency. We can assist your small to medium-size business with strategy, website, online marketing, and search.

Keeping up with online marketing can be overwhelming.  Want to be sure you're not missing out on any new online opportunities? Not happy with the design or functionality of your website? Are you marketing better than your competitors? Let us take a look. We love doing this stuff. We've been doing this for our clients since 2008.

We're a full-service boutique digital agency, which means that we have the same tools and expertise as large agencies, but we keep it smaller, and have more focus on your business. Our professional background is in sales side of business - you have to know how to sell in order to make a website that can sell. We have a conversion-driven approach, measure and report everything we do, to make sure we're accomplishing your goals. Contact us to see what working with a boutique agency would be like for your company.

The Confidence That You're Marketing Successfully.

How would it feel to know that you are on top of new online marketing opportunities? To know how you are doing online versus your competition? And to stay consistently on top of new digital marketing trends? 

Think of us as your partner behind the scenes. We make sure your website always looks great, manage your monthly updates, keep you in top spots on the search engines, and ensure your high-quality web presence. You’ll enjoy the confidence of having a team following the latest marketing trends. Because when we learn something new that can benefit you, you'll know about it in real time.





Visually appealing, converting websites, that work for you 24/7. Marketing, sales and customer service for your business.

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People are searching now more than ever. Let new clients find you, locally, from the next town, or from around the world.

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Which activities get the most results for the least expense and effort? Find your online marketing mix.

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Ecommerce is now an essential channel for many businesses to sell products, services, menu items and gift card purchases.

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Site Updates

Who enjoys constantly updating a website month over month? We do! Take this off your plate and let us do it.

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social media

Social Media

Don’t settle for random acts of marketing on your social media. Get a data-driven program that meets your goals.

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Get the results.
Hold the marketing jargon.

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where you're playing marketing buzzword bingo? Or you ask some marketing person what they do, and at the end of their explanation, you still have no idea what they actually do? Brutal!

Marketing doesn't have to be as complicated as some marketing agencies like to make it. This is why Live Page Cafe was created in 2008. The concept was to launch an agency that connected with business people. We take our enthusiasm for technology and marketing, and offer great services for businesses - minus the marketing buzzwords and agency bloat. In our experience, 99% of our clients don't want to become webmasters - they want a great online presence and the confidence that they're marketing smart.

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